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Hopefully, A Wake-Up Call …

This video is making its way through the net community like wildfire: Woman Falls into Mall Fountain While Texting

For those of you who have not seen this, a woman is “texting” on her cell phone as she walks through the Berkshire Mall in Reading, PA, when she takes a nose dive into a fountain.  Of course, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realize why: her focus was on the cell phone instead of what was in front of her.  The woman got exactly what she deserved for her stupidity and, thankfully, no one else was injured.

I hope this video continues to spread like an out of control wildfire.  Why?  Because this may finally be the wake up call society and, more importantly, lawmakers need to make cell texting (and the use of cell phones in general) while driving a primary offense.  This would allow law enforcement officers to pull over drivers for that offense which is as dangerous, if not moreso, than driving while intoxicated (a primary offense).

Can you imagine if this woman were driving a vehicle down a city street and plowed into stopped traffic and/or pedestrians because her focus was on the cell phone?  There would be public outrage.  Yet, despite laws that prohibit  “texting” while driving, drivers still do it because they are full aware they can’t be pulled over just for that.

I truly hope every lawmaker in America sees this video every day and will take it to task.

And the kicker?  The woman who fell in the fountain is suing the mall because her stupidity is becoming a national sensation.  Dumb followed by dumber.


WordPress Wackiness

I went to make a comment about a story on PFT (Pro Football Talk) and the next thing I realized, I was subscribing to WordPress in order to make said comment.

As I poke around, I realize this could be a very interesting tool so this is a quick entry to test how well it plays with Facebook.